My name is Linda Stroud and I'm  a Technical Account Manager at a proprerty management SaaS company.

Since I manage a multi-million dollar  SaaS portfolio, I am  on the frontline on a daily basis making sure these accounts are being nurtured.

All customers, especially strategic accounts are the heart of the business. 

As SaaS clients, when it comes time to renew their subscription, it's imperative  there's not a single doubt in their mind they want to write that large check.

The key is using a variety of tools and strategies to maintain the health of the account throughout the tenure of the subscription. 

I have done this for my clients.

In addition, I have worked in various support roles in IT so I bring perspective from various angles.

Finally, my credentials include 4 ComPTIA certifications (A+, Network+, Security+ and Linux+) and a BA in Communications. 

But none of this would matter if I didn't love tech so much.